Porch tour.

Wed, Jan 28, 2022
This was definitely one of my most fun tours that I've been on. Mainly because almost all the shows were awesome and it was with some of my closest friends. We had a blast. I'll keep all the jabbering minimal and let the pictures do most of the talking.

First off, I wanna say thanx to Bryon of New Bruises for letting us borrow his van and trailer. It saved our asses big time.
The trailer was extra small and we couldn't believe how much stuff we could fit in it. It ended up being super convenient because of it's size when driving.

I'm definitely gonna have to kick off this blog with the almighty party god Sam of Virgins. We spent the night in Gainesville after our first show and Sam partied so hard that he never went to bed. I was woken up by him numerous times saying the most obscure shit. It was funnier later but at the moment I wanted to attack him like a spider monkey.
He later tried to moon us in the front yard.

He didn't succeed mainly because this other friend of ours (identity being kept secret) tackled him in a fit of gay rage.

Let's just say I was blinded for 3 days and I will never look at a mushroom the same way ever again.

We played in Asheville, NC that night and it was freeeeezing! The house show ruled though! Here's eric pretending to be cool.

We got to sleep at our friends Toby and Rachels house. It was incredible!

The house was HUGE. there was a room for the studio, a guest bedroom, a drum room, and this was all just the downstairs portion of the house. There was practically another house sitting right on top. It was all part of a 6 acre lot.
After a super well rested night and showers. Rachel made us pancakes the next morning and they were to die for.

After that we soaked in the view one last time before leaving.

Now it was off to one of our favorite places ever, Richmond VA.
We have always felt at home in Richmond ever since our other band toured here almost a decade ago. We have a ton of friends there and have also seen some amazing people go too. I'll always have a love for RVA.
That show was amazing because our other band No Friends played also. So it was a trifecta of glory. We played a good show and then hung out there with our friends until the bar closed. We then took the party to Tony's (singer of Municipal Waste and No Friends) house. We drank the night away and I exchanged ghost stories with my friend Jen. It gave me goosebumps. Later in the night everyone passed out one by one and all that was left was Garth, Eric (both in Strike Anywhere), Sam and myself. We talked about how amazing turkey sandwiches are and how we wanted them but it was 31 degrees outside and too damn cold to walk. We then decided that who gives a shit and we need to get our 7-11 sandwich on. Everyones conversations were amazing including mine because we were so drunk and talked about the dumbest shit. I finally crashed at 5am with no blanket and a stolen pillow from Tony's bed so I curled up near the fireplace like a cat. The next day was awesome waking up to Eric puking outside.

I made Tony get in the picture. Classic.

Next we went off to Joe's Inn and I ate a righteous eggplant parm sandwich. For real.

Sitting next to my buddy Josh is always a treat because he does one of the best Bill Cosby impressions ever!

Everyone else went to town on their food.

Including Sam, which apparently turned in to Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein.

On the outside of the building they had a huge memorial to our old friend Johnny Z.

After lunch No Friends had to take some photos together for a magazine. I usually hate photo shoots but this was really fun and it was over in a second.

The rest of the trip ruled consisting of South of Border shenanigans and Taco Bell goodness. What a combo!

Seriously the best glasses ever.

This picture is all too familiar for Quilty. Usually there isn't a burrito in his mouth though. Oh!

Sam getting violated by Gatorface!

I couldn't of asked for any better people to go on the trip with. I felt like I was hanging out on a porch with most of my best friends and we kept ending up in a different city. It definitely restored my faith in touring and the music scene. Now, back to reality. Uuuuugggghhhhh.

In the meantime, check out my bands music video that we're working on. I think we're gonna make it.



Fri, Jan 23, 2022
I leave for tour today which will be a well needed vacation. My band Gatorface is touring with Virgins so it's gonna be great hanging with my friends on the road. We're also playing a show with my other new band called No Friends in Richmond, VA. Pumped about that because we just recorded a full length in Gainesville at Crescendo Sound Studios and it came out rad! Here are pics of us in the studio.
Time moves a little slowly in the studio sometimes.

This is Tony, he is also the singer for this rad thrash band Municipal Waste. They shred it. This photo was totally not candid. I told Tony to act angry and this is what he gave me. It looks like he just ran over a cat with his car and shit his pants at the same time. He's got them Popeye forearms though.

Praying to Jah.

Tony busted out the Neti Pot and we all went to town. When Derron (studio engineer) tried I had to take a pic mainly because his face looks like someone just farted in his mouth and Tony looks like a little girl watching her mom try on dresses. WTF!?

Here's the drum room. It's really awesome to check out all the equipment at the studio too Derron has so much old stuff! Everything is in superb condition too. I love vintage machinery and old musical equipment.

Every studio has to have a guard dog just incase metal heads get in there and set the studio a blaze with their scorching vox brah!

I'm sure Derron is eating a sandwich, because that's what he does. ALL THE TIME!

One of the best parts of recording in Gainesville is we get to eat a mexican resteraunt called "El Indio". It fucking rulezzzz!!
I had 3 tempeh burritos in the 3 days I was there. So amazing!

I don't know whats in tempeh but it is god like.

Sexy Sam agrees.

Alex on the other hand would rather have a burger and fries. Typical.

We also ate breakfast and I had some of the best hot sauce ever! More flavor than spice but it was soooooo good!

We've got NO FRIENDS!!!!!!

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Flippin Sweet!!

Sat, Jan 17, 2022
Alright I just decided to blog about random stuff cause I was looking through my phone pics and found some sweet stuff but nothing related to each other.
First up is the breakfast I had at Christo's this morning. Christo's is an independent breakfast place in College Park, FL that rules as long as it's not super packed. Then you get awkward seating. I hate sitting super close to strangers when I eat.
Hot sauce makes everything amazing.

Next up is my buddy Ryan Murphy from No Idea Records in Gainesville. His band We Moderns played in Orlando the other week and it was awesome. Ryan is also responsible for the Harvest Of Hope Fest that is happening in March. Should be ruuuuling!!

Monikers from Orlando also played. They are amazing people and love to hang out and just have fun. Fucking love these dudes.

I don't remember why I took this pic but it rules. It's Derek Deal from the AXE slaying a giant. Brutal.

This is my buddy Josh's car port. Nuts!!! He has so many scooters and fixes up a ton of them too. Great dude.

And lastly my long time friend Rob cooked up some awesome brunch the other day for all of us. It was so good and so rad to just hang on a porch and bullshit with some of my closest friends. Getting older rules.

Dan on the left is probably the most unphotogenic person I've ever met.

Yup, so there it is.
Flippin' sweeeeeeet.



Thu, Jan 15, 2022
Hey everyone in Orlando, I have a piece in art show tonight along with a ton of other super talented artists. It's at City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando. If you're around please come and show your support!


The power of the Zard!

Mon, Jan 12, 2022
First of I wanna say thanx to everyone who got their hands on the Zardcore deck pack. They're all sold out and I didn't think I could actually do that in a few months time. Woo hoo!!! I'm also stoked that The Black Axe finally launched and now I'm taking on jobs through that and it's so much more organized and a breath of fresh air.

On to the real magic that the Zardcore deck harnesses. My buddy Adam from New Zealand ordered a Zardcore deck and slapped some trucks and wheels on it only to find out the awesomeness of it. Yup, he broke his arm.

Now he's a bonafide Kiwi bad ass! Thanx for the pic Adam, you rule for busting up your arm and still stoked enough to send me a pic of it before lighting your board on fire.

I hope you learned your lesson to never underestimate a wizard in any shape or form. Even if it's just an old homeless guy with a beard and a stick. I've seen Willow and all Lord of the Rings, the elderly can be deceiving.

Next time, I'll have my cousins give you a ride to the hospital.


The AXE has dropped!!!!

Fri, Jan 09, 2022
Yes, the secret is finally out! I now present you The Black Axe, I had so much trouble holding that in. I grinded my teeth down to my gums. Thanx for that, anyways The Black Axe has officially launched and is ready to slay. I've been waiting and preparing for this day for quite a while. To explain the AXE is pretty simple. It's myself, Skull With Hair, Derek Deal, Joey and Kevin from Team Doom. We decided to join forces and come up with a company where we could take on more design and web work and to stretch our limits on running a bigger company while having fun and still being our own bosses at the same time. As you can see on our new site we have a portfolio, a store and a blog filled with a bunch of new unreleased content. I hope everyone likes it and has fun looking around the new site. The site will continue to grow in the following days and weeks. We have a lot of new jobs that are top secret right now and are patiently waiting to exhibit it all. I will still be doing HORSEBITES as a seperate company but now it will focus more on the "fine art" side of things which I'm very excited about. Expect more one-offs and paintings for sale. FINALLY! Also a lot more prints and like I said more rare art items.

So please click on the picture and check out what The Black Axe is all about. Thanx!

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Thu, Jan 08, 2022

For the time being I will play with my pens while I wait til tomorrow.



Tue, Jan 06, 2022



Mon, Jan 05, 2022

Countdown to awesomenessity.

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