Happy Thanksgiving!

Thu, Nov 27, 2021
This video shows what today is all about.

I saw this posted on another blog today and it set my day off right.

And who could forget?

I know what I'll be thinking of when I'm eating dinner with the fam.



Wed, Nov 26, 2021
Happy Birthday to Kevin and Joey from Team Doom. These are some of the raddest dudes I met this year and they've known eachother pretty much since they popped out of their momma's vageygeys! (check spelling) I heard they high fived each other before coming all the way out and muttered the words "HIGH SPIRITS!". Today is Kevins birthday and Joey's was a few days ago. Have fun guys and don't party too hard or you're gonna get the AXE!

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Rabid dog

Tue, Nov 25, 2021
I just bought my mom this puppy the other day. It's a Papillon (french for Butterfly) and it's ears are freakishly large hence the butterfly name. It's actually really well behaved for a puppy. My mom thought it was a cat when she first saw it and the first night she spent with she kept telling me it sounded like a bird because of it's barking. Now image if "El Skeleto" from Nacho Libre was a woman. That's what her voice sounds like.
My mom named her Gi Gi after a french actress she liked when she was a kid.

It can fit in a shoe.

It can sit on a couch.

It can look defeated.

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Sun, Nov 23, 2021
Not really, but I did go to Discovery Middle School in Orlando to do a teach-in for my friends classes. I have two friends that teach there (Natalie McCarver and Mike Roberts) and they asked me to come in and talk to their 6th and 7th graders about my art career. At first I was a little hesitant because I'm a horrible public speaker and quite frankly middle schoolers scare me. I later realized that I was scared of middle schoolers when I was a middle schooler. It can be an awkward transition between elementary and high school. That's when you realize farting is embarassing and the way you wear your back pack actually matters.
They brought in the 7th grade class and combined it with the 6th grade class. This is when my pit stains really started to kick in.

The kids actually turned out to be amazing! They were super attentive and asked really good questions. Even though some of the questions were "What kind of car do you drive?" and "Can I tell you my five favorite Fall Out Boy songs?".

I would of been SUPER pumped if I was their age and some bad ass dude came in their with skate decks and paintings of guts talking about how he makes his money this way and plays in punk bands. I'm just saying.

Some of the girls thought I was a little weird though. Story of my life. Except now it's evolved from weird to sweaty, can't commit, forgets everything they say, rides mopeds and eats too much.

I would have to say that the most rewarding part about this experience was the letters that they wrote me. I didn't realize that this meant way more to them than I thought. Those letters seriously got me choked up and the illustrations that some of them did were so awesome. It really brought me back to when things were so much more simple and people weren't constantly trying to scare you with "real world" problems.
My desk was littered with thank you notes.

I even had to sign a few autographs before I left. One kid had me sign two, one for himself and one to sell on eBay! Future businessman right there.
Here are some illustrations they did for me.

But! When my eyes were introduced to this masterpiece I almost lit myself on fire and started beating my head on the bed post.

That made my month! I'm seriously considering getting this tattooed on me. LOVE IT!!!

I do have to say this though. I broke a world record of mine. It was unbelievable achievement that I am very proud of. I got nervous and sweaty at times that my pit stains actually went through my shirt and through my jacket! But this wasn't a first for me, the real winner was when I got back to my car and noticed that my pit stains went behind my arm pit and to my shoulder!!! THROUGH THE DAMN JACKET!!!!




Fri, Nov 21, 2021

Hydro 74 and Pale Horse presents the Back in Black T-Shirt Exhibit
We'll be showcasing limited-edition, one-color t-shirt designs by some of the worldís leading digital artists (who are the backbone of many of the major apparel brands we see today).

The purpose of this show is to highlight the artwork of the uncelebrated designers whose art youíve probably been collecting in your closet for years, as well as to establish the t-shirt as a new medium for fine art.
The Event: Saturday, November 22nd from 4:00PM - 10:00PM

If you live in the area, you donít want to miss out! Hereís how it works:

- Check out original t-shirt designs by 20 of the best t-shirt artists/designers in the business. (No cover.)
- The designs will be screen printed to wood and displayed on the walls in the ink color available. (The wood panels are also available for purchase.)
- If you like what you see, buy a t-shirt. You can purchase as many as you want. (Just $15 each.)
- Pick your t-shirt color, t-shirt size and design placement based on available options. Guys shirts are available in Black, Olive and Aqua in S-XL. Girls shirts are available in Charcoal, Scarlet and Light Blue in S-L. Colors and sizes available while supplies last.
- Place your order and your t-shirt will be screen printed on site by our friends at Vertical Merch of Tampa, FL.
- Enjoy free refreshments while you wait. (Please expect wait times up to 30 minutes for proper drying.)
- Wear your art home!

Itís the one show where everyone can afford to take home a piece of art!

Online Store: Last Chance! NOW Ė Saturday, November 22nd

If you canít attend, donít worry. You can order the t-shirts online until the 22nd and then they're gone forever: www.backinblackapparel.com. T-shirts are $18 online and all orders will be shipped after the event. Get Ďem while you can.

The show is sponsored by the ultra cool t-shirt website, Design By Humans.

For more info and a complete artist list, visit www.backinblackapparel.com.


Back in Black is coming up!

Tue, Nov 18, 2021
Don't forget that the Back in Black show in St.Pete is this Saturday at the Pale Horse Gallery. You can already order your shirts via online but that ends on Saturday so get on it if you haven't already! There is gonna be a ton of amazing talented artists in the exhibit.
Check out this video for the show. So rad!!

Back In Black Art Show from Stephen Schuster on Vimeo.


Eating out Five Guys...

Tue, Nov 18, 2021
...Um, I mean "eating at Five Guys". It's some burger joint that Joey (
Team Doom), Skull With Hair and I ate at today. I don't eat red meat but they did have a veggie sandwich which was a burger with no meat. It was still really good. I had something similar at IN-N-OUT Burger in L.A. and it ruled. I did boot camp and Yoga back to back at my gym yesterday and everything I worked hard for was wiped out with this lunch. Anyways, nothing cool happened I just want to show you these pics because I'm a fat kid at heart and love food.
My burger. Notice the grease stains on the bag. It doesn't get better than that.

SWH HATES messy food but he powered through cause the burger was that good. He also kept eating his hair because it was super windy outside.

Joey solved the messy problem by shoving the whole burger in his gullet. I thought he was gonna eat his fingers thinking they were french fries.

And this is the burger before it was cooked. Good riddance.



Sun, Nov 16, 2021
...what the shit is this!? A real life Garbage Pail Kid!?

My buddy drew showed me this, I almost punched the screen when I saw it and then I wanted to pet it.



Sat, Nov 15, 2021
Yesterday I went to Tampa to go say hi to my friends at Vertical Merch and also to see what they had at Squaresville. It's a retro furniture shop that has awesome retro and vintage furniture from the 50's, 60's and 70's. I love it! It's actually really cheap too. I was starving afterwards and we decided to eat at the Taco Bus. It was at the corner of Nebraska and Hillsborough. I never ate there and all I ever hear is people preaching about how awesome their mexican food is. I had to see for myself. HOLY CRAPOLA, it was some of the best mexican food I've ever had!!
I got a tofu burrito with beans and rice and had a total fat kid food boner the whole time. It was amazing. They had these two different sauces and I almost chugged the whole thing while showering in it at the same time. So good I had to take a pic.

My friend and I are considering doing a food tour around Florida one day. It consists of spending a whole day of driving to DeLeon Springs to get some pancakes for breakfast (supposedly you make your own pancakes at the table), then off to Tampa for a orgasmic ride on the Taco Bus for lunch then off to Gainesville to GatorDawgs to get some righteous veggie dogs for dinner. Can't wait!

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Just got a moped, throw a kit on it!

Tue, Nov 11, 2021
My buddy Ben aka Captain Party just got ourselves some sweet mopeds the other day. I got the seed planted in my head to own one of these when I just visited Chicago because a ton of people had them and they looked so fun to ride. We've ridden almost everyday since we got them and I still haven't put gas in mine. I have to pedal it like a bike to start it up. Shit is sweeeeet!!

Mine is a 1982 Jawa (Czech moped company) Supreme 3. I was so pumped when I saw the ad for mine and I told my buddy I had to get that one. It looked like some sort of a cafe racer style motorcycle. Luckily the dude was selling both of his and my friend scored a 1984 Yamaha QT50. Get it? QT = cutie.

That took some of the bite out of it but we got over it. They both get 80 miles to the gallon. Pretty awesome. A bunch of my friends rode and are super stoked on it.

Skull With Hair tearing up the pavement.

My friend Lindsey aka "LeQueef" or "Curry Purse", don't ask.

Been thinking about starting a gang so if anyone can think of a better name than BROPEDS please feel free to throw them my way.

Here's our theme song. THROW A KIT ON THAT BITCH!!!

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